Build a community in an integrated environment!

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for communities

Who is hubstr for?
Exclusive club leaders
CEOs and HR directors
Community administrators
Enhance your community's value to residents and power up their mutual interactions
Promote your corporate culture, collect feedback, and inspire your employees
Build a loyal community around your brand
Every member gets prompt access to residents' database, and can get in touch with the persons they like and receive their news updates
Build a contact database for all your community members
Create single point of entry
to community life
Statuses and badges
Flexible filter
A profile customized to fit your community
Favorite residents
Set up a convenient communication format using a news feed
Instant push notifications of highlights
Publication filter
Search by #tags
Favorite publications
A clear, user-friendly feed with all events and meetings on-screen
and support
Favorites and reminders
Easy-to-use filter
Event list and calendar
Option to comment on events
Layered access, personal invites
Event rating
Meetings streamed online, reports, docs, photos, and videos
Use our design toolkit
Flexible profile settings
Create a member profile customized to reflect the things that make your community special
Option to attach notes to other members' profiles
Privacy settings
Acknowledgments and referrals
Award points system
Member ratings
hubstr will look exactly the way you want it to look
and elegant dark theme
Icons reflecting your corporate values
Any corporate color schemes
Visually adaptable to match your brand style
Create and edit user profiles and events, moderate comments, and a lot more
Manage your app
Admin panel
Why hubstr?
No need to compromise or subvert aesthetics for the sake of content when you choose hubstr
Relevant design
Our decisions are not theories; they are designed to meet the needs of real-life communities
hubstr is backed by years of experience contributed by the leaders of Etalon, Atlantes, School of Communities, and residents of these clubs
Made to serve communities
Our tech support team will promptly resolve any hubstr issues
Tech support
hubstr makes your community stronger
Best communities already are hubstr users
Every member can see the opportunities the community offers, and gets to appreciate it more
Members get deeply engaged in the community's life and have a stake in making it grow
Instant access to information and minimal distance between members
We will gladly answer all your questions, and we're ready to discuss your community's unique needs!
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