ar/mr re:view
It just crossed our minds that what if we would have our own in-house social network instrumented with an additional augmented reality features
AR quests
have fun solving
maintain team
there we could enjoy our specific jokes
is a mobile platform with an additional AR features
designed for the benefit and improvement of communities
got some comments
share/+ to favourites
create new post
we love Slack and it's delightful to add emoji to our messages and posts, so in the end we've got
a very exciting and emotional
location, age, position, project..
we're a big team of remotely working specialists from various towns and cities of the globe, that's why we need to have a whole list of coworkers and the ability to reach each other quickly
hopefully, the pandemic coming to an end, we can get back to our offices, hanging out and deriving pleasure from strategic sessions,
That's why we need a list of events here
brainstorming discussions and all.. <3
augmented/mixed reality
usually we enjoy having fun while using AR. It inspires us and is beneficial for the atmosphere of psychological comfort and mutual understanding among the team members
create new scene
use cardboard
of course we like chatting with each other, besides, the messenger contains special bots which inform you about the new tasks appearing in trackers and Slack messages if you're offline
our profile is extremely personalised
to better get to know
each other and not to screw up when choosing a birthday gift to your colleague
Created by CODE Pilots, 2021
With Love, Google Images, GIPHY Gifs & Free Icons from The Noun Project